Top 5 secrets for pulling off a record-breaking sales contest

In our previous post, we talked about the importance of engaging millennials at work. This time we will uncover the 5 top secrets for running a sales contest that leads to a record-breaking month for revenues. Ready to find out how to motivate your sales team?

Alejandro Morales
2 min readJan 31, 2018

Sales contests are a powerful tool to motivate young people both individually and as a team. Just like we pointed out in our last post, millennials are known for being the talent that’s trickiest to retain in the workplace because they are unlike any of the generations that have come before them.

So, when it comes to making these energetic and autonomous professionals compete with each other, especially in very stressful sales environments, every input counts.

At CRMGamified, we live off of the challenge of trying exciting, new ways to implement gamification that help your company’s sales reach the next level. That’s why we won’t be shy in this post when it comes to sharing our best advice stemming from our several years of experience and trial-and-error.

Ready to ignite the motivations of your sales teams, including those of your millennial hires? Here are our 5 top sales contest secrets you need to know before even thinking about implementing this gamification tactic in your department:

  1. Remember the importance of being visual;
  2. Technology is your main ally;
  3. Set the right goals and incentives;
  4. Not everything is about volume;
  5. Don’t underestimate the surprise factor.

You can learn more about each secret in the original article posted in our company’s blog: 5 secrets for pulling off a record-breaking sales contest.



Alejandro Morales

CEO at CRM Gamified, where we aim to help companies recognize, reward and motivate their people by using gamification techniques.