The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Sales — Part 1

Alejandro Morales
5 min readApr 16, 2021

We’ve found that there is a wide range of free, high-quality sales content available on YouTube. Learn how to be successful in the field with the help of the experts. Here is the first part of our 10 favorite YouTube Channels for sales that you need to check out:

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel

With over 50k subscribers, the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer, provides all sorts of videos on the sales process. Learn about the attitudes salespeople should take, how managers and company owners train and educate their employees, successful sales formulas and more.

His YouTube channel offers different, dynamic and easy-to-follow videos with a unique, almost controversial approach. He has videos going all the way back to 2009 that still have value and relevance today.

The best-selling author and speaker started consulting sales teams in 1986 and hasn’t stopped since. He has written 15 books, including the Little Red Book of Selling, The Sales Bible and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude. He gives more than 100 presentations per year and has his own online magazine, Sales Caffeine. More recently, he created the Gitomer Learning Academy, where he gives online courses on personal development, sales operations and customer loyalty.

Average video length: 3 minutes.

Uploading Frequency: On average, once every 2 months.

Must-see video: Sales Training — Closing the sale — the definitive answers you won’t like

Victor Antonio

Sales & Motivation Youtube Channel

Victor Antonio is a business speaker, best-selling author and sales trainer, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He was President of Global Sales and VP of International Sales at two very successful companies. As well as that, he was selected to join the President’s Advisory Council for excellence in sales and management.

He is also the founder of the Sales Velocity Academy, an online sales course platform. He also offers his Monday Morning Sales Workouts, with 52 different lessons on several sales categories.

Antonio has one of the most successful YouTube channels for sales. He has more than 180k subscribers, and according to him, it’s the “best and most comprehensive sales & motivation channel on YouTube”.

His videos discuss not only the different aspects of the sales process (presentations, negotiations, closing, pitches, etc.), but also the way customers think, how AI can help sales operations, productivity, metrics and sales goals, and more. They are useful for both beginner and experienced salespeople who want to learn how to refine their skills set and become better at what they do.

He also includes his Sales influence Podcast (SIP), where he answers questions from subscribers on sales, discusses very specific cases and reflects on industry-related topics.

Avg. video length: 8 mins.

Uploading Frequency: every 2 or 3 days.

Must-see video: Why Managers Matter

Mark Hunter

The Sales Hunter has been a part of the sales industry for more than 20 years, working in different positions in both sales and marketing in three different Fortune 200 companies. The consultant, speaker and author travels coaching and speaking to companies and associations all over the world. He was also awarded the “Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)” designation by the National Speakers Association.

His videos are fast-paced, very clear yet short, so you can get useful tips on prospecting, closing deals, negotiating and leading a sales team in just a few minutes.

Avg. video length: 8 mins.

Uploading Frequency: 2–3 videos per week.

Must-see video: Three Fatal Mistakes When Giving Your Price

Anthony Iannarino

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader Anthony Iannarino has built a successful international career as a consultant and speaker. He has several different businesses, including the Iannarino Sales Accelerator, a learning platform for salespeople to grow professionally and personally, and B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy.

His YouTube channel has been up since 2008. There, you can find useful tips and information on leadership, prospecting, sales approaches, motivation, and productivity. Although he wasn’t publishing in the last year, in 2020 he started uploading new videos and they are compelling and interesting.

Avg. video length: 5 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Every 2 weeks.

Must-see video: Why B2B Sales Is Not a Numbers Game

Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg is an Amazon best-selling author of titles such as “Sales Truth” and “New Sales. Simplified. The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development”, consultant and coach Mike Weinberg is the #1 sales expert to follow today on Twitter, and one definitely worth taking a look at in this list.

His YouTube videos are entertaining, informative and insightful. Weinberg has a funny and honest way of communicating simple yet very useful tips and it’s a great help for sales professionals.

His YouTube channel includes different content. He has done panels and interviews with other sales experts on this list like Mark Hunter and Anthony Iannarino. He also provides short videos with useful tips for salespeople on attitude and mindset, what makes a salesperson successful, and more.

Avg. video length: 3 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Once a month.

Must-see video: Sales Leadership Through Crisis 1: Encouragement as You Lead

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