High Turnover is Costing Call Centers

Costs Of Employee Turnover in Call Centers

Low employee retention has a direct effect on the bottom line of many call centers. The Center for American Progress estimates the cost of replacing a frontline employee to be about 20% of a full annual salary.

The Bad News and the Good: Reasons for High Turnover in Call Centers

The reasons Call Centers often experience high turnover rates are largely related to low employee engagement due to:

  • Repetitive or monotonous work
  • Lack of recognition
  • Poor team culture
  • Low employee satisfaction
  • Lack of professional development opportunities

So, it turns out it can get better. Here’s how!

Notice signs of disengagement

Disengagement affects employee retention in two ways:

Take Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

If disengagement is an issue for your call center, there is some good news. There are a heap of things that you can do to improve employee engagement.

Invest in employee wellbeing

Simple benefits like schedule flexibility, or wellness programming can go a long way to increase employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Provide development opportunities

Lack of development opportunities is one of the top cited reasons that employees leave Call Centers. Providing and promoting training and professional development opportunities will help employees feel supported rather than stagnated.

Focus on Employee Recognition and feedback

Goal setting, consistent feedback, and recognition for employee performance can boost employee engagement. This is especially true in Call Centers, where work involves completing a large quantity of daily activities.

Create a team culture

Employees that feel isolated or undervalued are more likely to be dissatisfied with their work. Conversely, fostering a culture of peer recognition and focus on teamwork can improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Help is out there!

Tech Solutions for Employee Engagement in Call Centers

  • Automatic, goal-based recognition for individuals and teams.
  • Live goal tracking
  • Performance of data visualization
  • Media sharing and communication



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