The trend towards creating a more engaging work culture is gaining force. Here’s why Call Center managers should pay attention.

Why Call Centers Are Investing in Gamification

  • Establish a more dynamic culture, that incentivizes improvement with recognition.
  • Advance healthy competition and collaboration that encourages employees to contribute actively to team goals.
  • Increase accountability with consistent feedback and recognition.
  • Improve data quality by engaging employees with their own performance metrics.

Management Strategies and Gamification in Call Centers

  • Setting goals and effective ways to measure progress. Up-to-date information driven by company collected data allows managers and employees to keep a close eye on results. They can also measure the impact of any changes made and track progress of specific projects and goals.
  • Providing consistent and personalized feedback. By having reliable and up-to-date information for individuals and teams, managers can provide more personalized feedback for employees.
  • Improving engagement and motivation. Greater data visibility can improve employee motivation by providing consistent measures of performance.
  • Recognizing and celebrating achievements. Employees want to feel responsible while also valued by both their peers and their managers. By keeping track of results and setting goals, achievements become clearer and can be recognized.

How Leaderboards can Improve Employee Engagement

Real-time data broadcasting

  • Caller satisfaction rates
  • Up-selling opportunities won
  • First call resolution rate

Instant Acknowledgement

Everything in One Place



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Alejandro Morales

CEO at CRM Gamified, where we aim to help companies recognize, reward and motivate their people by using gamification techniques.