Can Gamification Increase ROI of Sales CRM?

Poor user adoption of sales CRM is often a major barrier to ROI. Gamification can help change that!

Three Major Challenges to CRM ROI

Lack of accurate and updated data

A CRM system is only as good as the data that is fed into it. Keeping information up-to-date ensures that sales teams can engage with customers in the most effective and profitable way. However, if CRM data isn’t updated consistently and accurately, it becomes a much less valuable tool for sales teams.

Lack of engagement

Sales CRM systems are powerful tools that hold large amounts of data in an often not so user-friendly interfaces. CRM ROI is highly dependent on the quality and consistency of the data getting put in by sales teams. Sales people deal with busy schedules, and unless they have an ongoing interest in updating CRM data, it is likely to fall to the bottom of their to-do lists. Getting sales teams engaged with their data is one of the biggest challenges to getting a great ROI. CRM systems are expensive and time-consuming to implement, so it is especially discouraging to see low engagement numbers after such investment.

Lack of context

Context is an absolute requirement for businesses to know what information to pay attention to and make actionable decisions based on data living in their CRM. Giving context to data means identifying what metrics are important and why. Without this understanding CRM data can become overwhelming. According to Forbes, sales reps spend almost as much time in spreadsheets trying to more effectively manage CRM related tasks as they do in the actual CRM. Many sales reps have called out CRM systems as the biggest frustration in their jobs.

Five Ways Gamification Can Increase CRM ROI

Engage with live data tracking

Tools like live sales leaderboards can help increase engagement with data that was once hard to access and understand by tracking and broadcasting individual and team metrics. Live broadcasting of key performance indicators (KPI) incentivizes sales teams to keep CRM updated to accurately reflect their work.

Establishing a data-driven culture

Performance broadcasting tools give CRM data center stage, which ensures that sales teams are paying attention to the most important pieces of information. Gamification in data visualization helps create collective awareness of sales team performance, and build positive team culture around CRM data.

Improve CRM data quality and transparency

Data visualization tools help increase data transparency by making data readily available, interactive, and easy-to-understand. Increased data transparency helps sales managers spot errors in CRM data and encourages sales people to keep the data living in the CRM accurate and up-to-date.

Give context with clearly defined KPIs

Lack of clear understanding as to what metrics matter and why detracts from how much value sales reps see in using a CRM. Well-defined KPI should be made consistently visible to all sales reps to give context to CRM data and promote goal-oriented work. Manually posting metrics, however, is time-consuming. Real-time performance broadcasting platforms offer an easy way to take data visualization to a new level.

Motivate CRM engagement with real-time recognition

A major benefit of coupling your CRM with a gamification tool is real-time employee recognition. Automatic recognition features instantaneously react to individual or team achievements and publicly celebrate their success. This boosts morale and incentivizes sales people to engage with CRM data with immediate feedback.

Hurrah Leaderboards for Gamification of CRM

Use Your Data Directly from its Source

Hurrah! complements a variety of sales CRMs. It connects directly to your CRM, which means no more handwritten or excel leaderboards that are a pain to update. Native integration with sales CRMs enables real-time performance broadcasting and employee recognition on TV screens across your office.

Real-Time Sales Leaderboards

With Hurrah! you get live leaderboards that update in real time, keeping everybody in the know. Leaderboards, rankings, and goal trackers are great tools to improve CRM user engagement and ROI. Hurrah’s automatic solution makes getting better user adoption a breeze and adds appeal with customization graphics and animations.

Foster a Culture of Real-Time Recognition

Hurrah! can instantly react to individual and team achievements and publicly recognize them for their great work. Immediate feedback and positive reinforcement makes employees much more likely to engage with the data being shared with their peers.

Set Custom KPIs.

Hurrah! runs based on custom-defined performance metrics, to display exactly the data that is most important to your business goals. Sales teams that are aware and up to date on their KPIs will exhibit greater goal-oriented engagement and more effectively interact with CRM data.



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Alejandro Morales

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